Our holistic approach powers better performance.

At Alive and Well Sports, we treat the individual. That means our plans are customized to meet the unique needs of each athlete. Six steps to peace, clarity, and true mental strength.

Step 1: Evaluation

This step includes various tests and assessments that help uncover hidden issues that may impede success. The athlete is introduced to and evaluated by a multi-disciplinary team to create a picture of their overall wellbeing and to ensure a comprehensively based and systematically delivered treatment plan.

Step 2: Review

Our team reaches consensus on the appropriate treatment plan. What could sometimes take weeks or months moving from one doctor to another, as diagnosis and solutions fall short of solving the problem, becomes an efficient problem-solving team that collaborates on a treatment plan with the appropriate professionals while eliminating other professionals that are not necessary to success, saving time and money.

Step 3: Team Meeting

We build a staff of professionals or specialty service providers to deliver truly comprehensive treatment. As part of this process, a treatment plan that includes all uncovered issues in Steps 1 & 2 will include only those professionals, tests, and treatments relevant to the agreed upon issue(s). This eliminates the current trial and error process as well as the unforeseen issues (emotional and behavioral) that often cause long periods of recovery or short times before relapse.

Step 4: Planning

We create a combination of custom treatment plans to provide the appropriate physical, emotional, and behavioral treatments and professionals to help the athlete not only recover but maintain long-term success. The goal is to improve well-being…and performance.

Step 5: Execution

During this step the athlete and their support groups execute the treatment plans. Alive and Well Sports is committed to supporting the athlete in a truly holistic fashion to allow them to continue to play the game while receiving ongoing “coaching.”

Step 6: Ongoing Support

The time the athlete returns to play marks the beginning of their first practice in staying Alive and Well. Our process includes physical, emotional, and behavioral exercises to improve and sustain maximum performance. We will maintain contact with the athlete and their support system on a periodic basis to grade their progress along their given timeline.

We’ve brought together a world-class team.